Timmy’s love for food was something I found to be so fascinating. How could it be that one held no reservations whatsoever for any kind of food? On my part, just the mere thought of some foods would get me nauseated but for Timmy, it drew a smile to his face or a rumbling tummy in anticipation. Well, since we mainly talked about African dishes, I thought that at least, that’s where he drew the line, only to be surprised by he’s acceptance when Singh invited him over for dinner at their home. Just the thought of the super spicy dishes, brought tears to my eyes while Timmy could hardly wait for the day.
However, I was rather left in stitches when Timmy narrated his experience when we met a day after the visit. “The food was so hot that I was left staring at the ceiling lest someone laughed at me,” he narrated, “At one point I was sure that the red sauce before me was made of pepper only.”
“At last, there is something that can tame Timmy’s appetite!” I thought to myself.
Spicy, Reservations