Like one in a trance,
I latched onto her hand like a tick,
I could swear I had seen something ooze out of my hand,
It was so gross that I could not take this sight,
Essy, took it upon herself to shake me back to life,
it was then that I realized the scene I’d created,
and how my eyes had played tricks on me

Ooze, lurch, trance


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He inhabits the praises of His saints,
that is the God I serve.
The God that synchronizes my being with His.
The God that makes me much more than is humanly perceivable.
He causes me to fly on eagles wings.
I do not have to be told that he loves me.
I know it beyond a doubt that He does.
Wait a second, who could send His own son today for me? But He did.
My visceral feeling of being loved cannot be swayed by what happens around me.
I know that I am loved, and loved by the best.

Inhabit, synchronize, visceral

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Like one with the magnetic attraction,
the children drew to her,
I wondered what made her so tick,
I wondered what it was about her that the children saw,
Now, 10 years down the road,
as I watch her casket pass through the streets,
and the children try to dignify her last hours here,
paying homage as best as they can,
I see children that I had last seen in ages passed,
Now turned into responsible people,
and it dawns on me,
that she indeed made a huge impact in their lives,
they are because she was.
Magnetic, homage, dignify


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Trying to create these tunes,
the words stuck into my brain,
So much so that the rhyme just doesn’t seem to fit but the words hit my soul so hard,
I can barely hold the tears back.
I try to memorize the beat but my emotions take charge.
I am enamoured by the beauty, the wonders, and the glamour that this new adventure brings me.
I hope I can try and turn the bend.
I hope I can make sense of that which is going on in my heart.
Darling, my world is made much more beautiful with you in it.
And this pursuit is definitely worth the while.

Memorize, enamoured, rhyme



Times have changed and they continue to do so. And it is therefore priceless that we do something beautiful for someone every day. It doesn’t have to be so much; it can be as small and effortless as a smile. You never know what that smile could do for someone. In a world filled with isolations, where depression is hitting a high and we are not so sure what tomorrow holds; times are critical. Let us continue to do the little things to boost one another. One act of kindness can lift someone from the dumps to a brighter day

Priceless, continue, critical


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