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Thank you, Tim for our photo prompt this week

On an afternoon like any other, you left home. I was sure you would return, I looked forward to then, so I would share some great news with you. Sat so I did, call, I tried, but all in vain.

Missing person, you became. But how would my darling lose his way home? He was not senile. But someone saw to it, that he stayed that for so long.

Crying me to sleep, going through days without purpose because it I had lost it with you.

I hoped I would see you at the front door, telling me how you’d stayed so long sorting out something. But that was a dream. I never thought you had ended up here, dying alone, in a miserable manner.

They may have taken you from me, but your memory still stands. You will always be, the best there will ever be.

Ffaw, thank you PJ for this platform


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