Parents, we have learned a lot over the years. It is our experience that gives us something to offer our children; otherwise, we would be a blank slate. However, in as much as you have got all that experience under your belt, do your child a favour, do not throw it in their face.

Allow your child to learn on their own as well. Give them the chance to experiment; within limits. Otherwise, you would be no better than one that locks their child up in the house with the hope that they are shielding them from the wrong elements. That is pillaging personified.

While you may filter what they can or can not do; which is obviously your responsibility, do not close them off totally.

I know, you may say, ‘better to protect than be sorry’, but the price of a dysfunctional or half-baked child is one that is too high to pay. It’s a bounty one does not want on their head

Happy Parenting


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