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While Sasha loved music, no amount of coercion would bring her to play her father’s organ. The room that contained it was one that held bitter memories for this beautiful young girl; her mother had died there. Besides that, the cover had a color so grim, it reminded her of cow hides and slaughtered cows. The thought of their blood spilling everywhere revolted her.

She kept her passion for school and church despite the need for music to brighten the gloomy Martins’ household.She hoped that one day, it would dawn on her rather uptight father hence make some changes.


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Oblivious to living, Josette had pursued her career in human medicine. She lived for it and nothing else.

Her life was nothing more than the examination room she sat in, the patients she catered to and the harrowing stories that some had to share.

It was little wonder that she spiraled down with depression without anyone knowing. How I wish she had reached out, stayed in touch and didn’t try so hard to put us off.





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On an afternoon like any other, you left home. I was sure you would return, I looked forward to then, so I would share some great news with you. Sat so I did, call, I tried, but all in vain.

Missing person, you became. But how would my darling lose his way home? He was not senile. But someone saw to it, that he stayed that for so long.

Crying me to sleep, going through days without purpose because it I had lost it with you.

I hoped I would see you at the front door, telling me how you’d stayed so long sorting out something. But that was a dream. I never thought you had ended up here, dying alone, in a miserable manner.

They may have taken you from me, but your memory still stands. You will always be, the best there will ever be.

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Don’t let anyone define you. You define yourself. – Billie Jean King

This was Bernadette’s week, and here is my take on it;

A mind of your own,
thoughts of your own,
a character not based on others,
that my child,
is what you need,
because you are your own,
unique and one of a kind,
wonderful that no one must bring you down,
and beautiful, because that is who He desired you to be,
let no one define you,
but His Word.

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Perez loved what he did; it was more of a sport than a job. Rescuing lost mountain climbers usually got his blood surging with energy, and he loved it.

However, today was like no other; the weather was bad, and so was the visibility. “How am I going to get this lost teen?” he wondered. Though he didn’t give up, he could taste blood in his mouth. It was such a bad feeling.

A little prayer sent up, Perez persisted in his search. Reminiscing about the events as he signed out that day, he wondered how it had happened; for a moment, he was sure that he’d be meeting his Creator soon. Nonetheless, he’d glimpsed at the young man and he’d secured him using a rope. He was glad that it was all over and behind him and he would finally be going home to his wife and children.