Yesterday, you were elated, so much so that you could not hide the joy from the one person you swore never to talk to again. Does joy have a way of blinding you? Or does it make you forget?

Yesterday, you let your well kept secret percolate through your sealed lips without giving it much thought. What happened to the guard you’d once raised? For a moment, I was glad that you would no longer be the talk of town, but I guess that was just a phase.

Scorched by their wrath, anger and jealousy, you ran back to me! What do you want me to do this time? Take you into my arms and tell you, ‘I will figure out a solution?’ Not this time my dear, you need to grow. You have to dance to the tunes of your music this time. I guess I shielded you far too long!

There is nothing mythical about revenge or rage. You hurt them, I shielded you. How then is it that you go about making them feel losers and expect them to smile with you. They have a score to settle with you, one that I wish I had let be then. But the mother in me could not let you suffer at their hands, so protect, I did. Why them did you go back?

I hope I can find a way to teach you better, my child.

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