Alone he walked, desperate for company but none came along. In one way, he was grateful; the night had a way of turning people into monsters. He was grateful for the light, with it, he walked in peace without having to worry about lurking shadows.Deep in thought, he moved, hoping and believing, that soon, this commute will end. That he will not have to work so late yet earn little. That he will be the father that his children deserve, and the husband his wife needs.


4 thoughts on “THE LONELY WALK

    • Reena, my brother once told me that there is nothing acted that is not real. While, there is some reservation to it, I have seen angels turn into murderers and so much more by night. I wonder what the moon does to them!!

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      • I agree. When people say “I did not mean to say that. That was not me.”, it is a falsehood. In the heat of the moment, diplomacy goes for a toss, and one spews out, only what one has been thinking all along.


  1. he is a good man, this person, works hard but earns little, for the family he loves, sometimes hardships like this may make or break a man. I hope he gets a job closer to home, less commute, not necessarily more pay but more time with his family, time that is priceless and cannot be recaptured, love this story for the simple life truths it gives me. Thank you.


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