It is wasn’t always as simple as he had once expected. He had done all he could but it seemed like one pushing against a brick wall. He’d prayed and was at the point of letting go. Then one day, he chose to be specific about what he needed. It was his last resort; call it the last trick in the bag before letting go. No more beating about the bush. He needed a total change in his life and family; no more debts, no more infidelity, he was done with that kind of life.

Done with his prayer, it was as though he had been dreaming, would God do that for him? He hoped against hope, and waited. But the negative voices often seemed louder than the positive ones. But lo and behold, ten days later, he could not understand what had taken over, but he felt freer and whole. Smiling to himself, he knew that God was indeed at work.

Hope had kicked in. Holding to the little faith within, he hoped that bigger things were coming his way soon.Hopefully, he woudl get his job back and make good of his life sooner than later.

Posted on Daily Post – Simple, Specific, Ten 


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