He was tired, actually, worn out. He’d tried to be clean but all it ever lasted was a week, and he was back, harder than before. The pressure to turn the corner was intensifying. While he wanted to change, more than anyone could imagine, he had lost all sense of direction.

He was not sure what led to it all, but Danny had flipped. I guess the need to please those in his life had finally cracked him. It was now harder to hold down a job, not to mention find one. Besides that, his marriage was surviving by the thread and his children barely knew him anymore.

His family had tried all they could, but nothing had yielded any tangible result. Not until he was celebrating his fortieth birthday, did he recognise how much he had lost and how bleak the future looked.

That was the trigger he’d needed all this while to take the reins of his life back.

Posted on Daily Post – Recognise, Overwhelming, Clean


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