You have given yourself,
not part of you,
but everything,
so I can be a better person.

You didn’t have to do it,
but you did,
you would have aborted me,
but you loved me so much to let go,
you would have dumped me,
but my smile was magical,
you simply had to keep me.

2 to 3 jobs or more,
so you could put food on the table,
showered me with love,
despite the hurt and rejection,
pain and worthlessness,
you’ve had to live through,
you have shown me the meaning of self-worth,
you’ve given of yourself,
provided selflessly,
you’ve provided selflessly,
and taught me to be a better person,
I am thankful.

To every single mother out there, you are precious. I know you have gone through a lot, yet you still care. Keep doing what you do, keep showering your babies with your love, you inspire me.

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