He had done all he could but no one ever noticed or did they but didn’t find any reason to voice any appreciation? Till the ground for the rains, mow the lawns, keep the car clean, he did it all. Never did he complain even in the midst of blistered hands. But why would he? He had been told from the start about the arrangement. “You are only here because you are handy and your uncle vouched for you.”

While those words hurt, they kept him focused. At least, he was allowed to go to school for 4 hrs each day. He used all the resources accorded to him maximally; he did not expect more than what lay before him.

Now that he was married, with a family of his own, he looks back and smiles. Life was hard, there was barely a holiday back then, but he had turned out right. That is what mattered the most.

With a roof over his head, gardens for food, thanks to the skills learned, he was contented and thankful.


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