I hated the trek back home, more so after a downpour. Why did mother persist on me walking home alone? Why did she forbid from walking with the other children? It made me feel a loner, antisocial and not wanted.

Mother never seemed to understand that at all. She never seemed to value friendships at all. All she ever said was that friends were a recipe for my failure.

Well, I never saw it that way; Laura always helped me with Maths problems, Max helped me improve my acting, and Lauraine cheered me on during class presentations. They were great girls, but all that comradery was meant to stop at school regardless of how much I wanted them to become a part of my life.

Why did mother have to make school days so tasteless? She had had her share of disappointments, but did she have to mould my life by them? So I chose to enjoy all the time I could at school because I could not fight her or make her understand; God knew that I had tried in vain.


13 thoughts on “LONELY WALK

  1. It sounds as though the mother is unloading her own problems with childhood/school friendships on her son. She seems to be very possessive, too. Let’s hope someone tells her how important having friends and fitting in at school are to children. Lovely little story.

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  2. I get you. My mother thought that friends were simpler a time waster. So when you reached her workplace late after school, oh oh, terrible. Not to mention if you were dirty. She had actually instructed my class teacher to ensure that I never left class during break time, to the point of ensuring my lunch was packed from home. It was such a terrible year, moreover my first year in the school. Glad that she eased in the preceding year.


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