“We are all vessels. The question is what are the contents of your vessel?” Jacqueline

“Out of the heart flows the issues of life.”

What you fill your children with, they will definately replicate. They are an empty slate waiting to be filled. Keep the drama of your life out of their faces, keep the anger out of their lives and give them a chance to grow into their own being instead of a replica of you.

In as much as it is not easy, make it your ambition. Better still, learn to separate your private life and your past from them. They deserve to better than living in your footsteps regardless of how successful you may see yourself. Lest they blame you for what went wrong in their lives while you thought you were doing them good.

Nurture your children into vessels that exude beauty; inside and out. Allow them to learn from their mistakes rather than shield them. And yet, don’t give too much lee-way that they go about their devices unattended to.

Happy Parenting



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