She found him maddening despite being her son. Littering the house with his clothes and so much more, playing loud music, Mark was getting to her nerves. Though it seemed something one would deal with or push to the side, Stacy just could not.

Having an untidy house got her moody, she could not stand it. In as much as she had tried to brush it off, she had failed.

The environment within the house was tense. Mark was thinking of moving out, but leaving his mother all by herself worried him.

The battle was escalating by the day, tempers were flaring and their patience was wearing thin.

When visiting, Viola noticed that something had to be done before knives were drawn. Looking up a psychiatrist friend, she let him in on what was going on and gave the reins to him to save her friends.

Thankfully, 3 months down the road, the curve was turning around for better.

Looking at what Viola had done and how much she had saved them from, Stacy couldn’t help but give her a standing ovation, she was a friend indeed.

Posted on Daily Post – Ovation, Maddening, Moody


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