Yesterday, you were elated, so much so that you could not hide the joy from the one person you swore never to talk to again. Does joy have a way of blinding you? Or does it make you forget?

Yesterday, you let your well kept secret percolate through your sealed lips without giving it much thought. What happened to the guard you’d once raised? For a moment, I was glad that you would no longer be the talk of town, but I guess that was just a phase.

Scorched by their wrath, anger and jealousy, you ran back to me! What do you want me to do this time? Take you into my arms and tell you, ‘I will figure out a solution?’ Not this time my dear, you need to grow. You have to dance to the tunes of your music this time. I guess I shielded you far too long!

There is nothing mythical about revenge or rage. You hurt them, I shielded you. How then is it that you go about making them feel losers and expect them to smile with you. They have a score to settle with you, one that I wish I had let be then. But the mother in me could not let you suffer at their hands, so protect, I did. Why them did you go back?

I hope I can find a way to teach you better, my child.

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A journey to downtown was one Remy dreaded. Apart from the seemingly amplified noise, the human jam was outrageous. However, over the years, another problem had cropped up; motorcycles.

One wondered how they would cross or how long they would have to wait before an opportunity came up for them to cross the road. It was horrible.

Besides that, the honking was ‘out of this world’. The impatience of the riders made it seem like a race for dear life.

Two years since they invaded an already crowded town, Remy resorted to growing most of her vegetables and spices. “That was one of the wisest choices ever made,” she said.





Father was so loving, and so true, but I never got to see him. All I knew was what mother told me about him. How glad I am that she was that kind to share the beauty of a man I never knew and had no right to clamour for details about his real persona.

Then as I sat by the lake, I saw this bottle in the sand and wondered how a neatly closed bottle made its way here. A closer look revealed a message carrier. Though the message within was not mine, I longed for something like that from my dad.

Maybe something stashed away in a post office box awaiting my 20th birthday.




“I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble.” Helen Keller

It was Oneta’s week, and here is my take;

We are thrilled by the big achievements and accomplishments in our lives that the small duties pale out of sight. How quickly we forget that we can not reach great heights if we do not take the first step! We can not have $100 without the contribution of $1!

However small the step may seem, do it with all you have, it will determine how you deal with the rest of the steps ahead. The Bible says reminds us that we can not be trusted with much if we can not be faithful with the little.

Parents, start by showing your child gratitude and obedience before you can expect them to show it. The first steps matter, the worst we can do is ignore them.



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Portrait of joyful, thankful African American

It’s been a while since I posted here, but I am surely thankful. Not a day goes by without  something to be thankful for in my life and the lives of those around me.

For life, family, a roof over my head, food in the house and so much more, I am thankful.

Father, you have sustained me, and to You be glory, honor and thanks.



I had a surge of excitement that not even the rude ticketing officer would bash. It was finally here; the day to start a life away from my homeland.

Many had said that I would miss home sooner than later, but I knew better. Behind the bright smile lay pain and a sense of rejection.

Having lost my parents and left to hands of greedy relatives had been the start of untold pain. Then came the preying uncle; I guess he looked at me as one to fulfil what his wife had long refused to avail him with. With no where to run, I watched as my life wasted away before me. “Why did you stay long,” you may ask. I guess it was because of the deep seated sense of hopelessness.

Fleeing from him may not be the solution, but the first step in detoxing me of all the filth and pain.