It had been a long journey for Cassey. Dumped at the church to whoever would have mercy, she had hoped from one orphanage to another. While she was glad to have a roof over her head, a bed to sleep and food to fill her belly, some days were too cold that she wondered when life would stop hurting so much.

She’s learned earlier in life that gratitude was the recipe for a great life despite the prevailing circumstances. Moping was, therefore, one thing that she had kicked out of her life as a way to make it big despite the little availed to her.


Filling her time with giving hope to the new orphanage entrants, she found joy in putting a smile on other people’s faces. Though never adopted, Cassey was glad whenever one of the little girls found a new home. Besides, with her education guaranteed, she knew that it was a matter of time before her ‘crossing’ came forth.

Indeed, as the year came to a close, she was offered a scholarship to study Law at Harvard. Walking through the gates of this prestigious university, she felt like everyone was waiting for her, standing there to give her a standing ovation for the far she had come.

It had been a journey of endurance and hope. Not that she’d reached the zenith of her life, but such was a landmark that only God would have granted her.


Posted on Daily Post – Crossing, Mope, Ovation


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