It had been an uphill journey, to live with my mother. One that I wished would end someday. However, how that would happen was not something I had given any thought; I just wanted us to part ways for good.

Scene 1

“Dad, is this my mother?” I asked.

“Of course, she is your mother. Why do you ask that?”

“Why does she beat me a lot?”



Scene 2

“Dad, I am tired of all this, I do not want to do it anymore.”

“My dear, there is a lot you need from your mother. Just do what she says so that she gives you what you need. It is just for a while.”


Dad was a peace loving man. While his pockets were not as deep as mother’s he gave you the little he had with love and made you feel like one who’d hit a jackpot. Though some of his advice seemed strange, all he desired was for us to live in harmony, more so with mum.

He passed away so soon. I wish I would reverse the hands of time to have him back, even just for a week.

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