You have to value self before anyone can do so.

My dear child, you have to believe that you have got exquisite tastes before anyone can complement you about them. You may not have them all, but glory in the few that you’ve got. It will give you the zeal to learn more.

Stop waiting for someone to offer you an invitation to the ballroom dance, before you can start thinking about polishing your culinary skills. My son, the time to learn how to carry yourself in a dignified manner is now, not when duty calls. Sweet little girl, learn the value of poise and self-worth now, not on a dinner table filled with dignitaries.

Darling, you have got to acquire those meticulous tastes long before that prince in shining armour sweeps you off your feet. Otherwise, he will define your world. My son, you have got to hone your taste for good things before you can decide which girl is good for you. Otherwise, you will slowly yet surely embrace what they have to offer without limits because you are bringing nothing to the table.

In all this, never be fooled that being wealthy or having prominent company is all that matters. Nothing in itself can satisfy. However, have a heart tended by the Word and have a genuine love for people and knowledge.



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