Like the giant he was, Kielo strode towards the building. It was not a peace deal this time; he had demands that had stalled for longer than necessary. Unknown to him, he’d been on the watch of several security companies for so long.

Though benign, his tempers brought out the worst in him. Today was one of those days. The company had promised that his people would receive benefits as they loaned them the land but none had come through.

A few metres from the company building, a sniper shot at his head causing to fall and bleed profusely. With help coming after 30 minutes, the first aid he received just held him for a few hours before he breathed his last.

While this statue was erected in his memory, his people are in pain to this day.

Flach Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner


5 thoughts on “FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS

  1. Tempers can cause things to escalate into something very tragic and the ones with the temper do not always realize that the end result will be their complete downfall. Having a regular temper display will alert those involved and they will be prepared for most anything if possible. Great story.


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