With every waking day, Rene was certain that something beautiful was coming her way. While she was never sure of what it was, she hoped and knew for a fact that it was coming. With that came renewal in her spirit despite being in an abusive relationship. No wonder, Rob found her infuriating.

She looked at her life as a fortune given to spend with care and caution. Yet never to be held back by any reins, she enjoyed every moment of her life with careless abandon, much to the disdain of her husband and in-laws.

She had resigned from the pressures of pleasing the unappreciative and taken on her horses whenever the weather allowed. Despite the harsh and cold atmosphere that their mansion held, she found peace and warmth as she walked or rode her horses.

With separate rooms and nothing much but space to share, Rene would relax after having to go through the rigorous exercise of preparing meals and serving them to a man that simply demanded but never appreciated. She found pleasure in knowing that despite never being able to turn the hands of time back or break the arranged marriage, she controlled her attitude in all this.

As cancer gnawed at her precious bones; a secret she vowed to tell no soul lest they use it as a snare against her, Rene did all she could to ease her last days. With no children of her own, she delighted in visiting the orphanages to share light moments with the little souls. At other times, she joined the local fellowship to share, sing and serve others.

When the pain became a burden beyond bearing, she confided in her long time friend and loyal servant. It was she that saw to it that all her needs were met away from the prying eyes of the rest. It was Jacinta that turned her and combed her hair when all strength had ebbed. It was her to whom all that was Rene’s was entrusted and who saw her the last time her body held breath.

Up with the angels, Rene can not thank Jacinta enough for seeing to it that she slipped away peaceful, without a scornful eye in sight.

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