It is a new year and many of us are making resolutions upon resolutions. However, as you may well know, a change of dates does not mean a change in perspective, attitude or the way things are done. Without choosing to change things in and around you, all you can experience is a change of days.

If you want to see your children’s manners get better, have their health improve or their grades get better, it is not enough to write it down, act on it. Cook healthy meals, make more time for your children, encourage them to do their homework and do more research.

Ultimately, you need to discover what needs to get done to change things for the better. Then go ahead work on them with enthusiasm if you are to achieve the desired change.

With a calm yet determined spirit, you and I can change resolutions from paper to achievements. It is possible.

Have a blessed 2017 and Happy Parenting

Posted on Daily Post-  Enthusiasm, Discovery, Calm


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