Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations – Author unknown

Yours has been a blistering journey. One dented with one too many pitfalls. You pushed when everyone let go, never throwing in the towel for you had been trained to give it your all. The times seemed so bad, my heart bled for you.Many are times I wished I would help but my bucket was overflowing as well. But say a prayer, I did, for you. Knowing that the God we had chosen to serve was undoubtedly faithful.

Then slowly, the pages started changing. It was not rapid but gave a reason for a smile.

The paychecks that had been frozen started flowing in with bonuses. The children that had been stricken with one illness after another were finally in perfect health. The husband that had abandoned you for another, came back on his knees. The house that was devoid of proper windows and doors but occupants was finally closed beautifully.

All this was birthed in the belly of pain and turmoil. The enemy fought so hard, all hope seemed to vanish, but you travailed in prayer. And now you have prevailed.

The journey was thorny, oh yes it was!! But the fruits have been such a great consolation. The lessons you have learned are profound, the children are stronger too. I give Him the glory that did not allow you to be wasted by the circumstances.



One thought on “A WALK TO BEAUTIFUL

  1. I am a middle school teacher- a firm believer in the “Train up a child” With everything you see around you… Hope in His promise is a firm grounding!

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