Mum, as you read this letter, I am oceans away from home. I know that it may shock you, but I could not keep up with your standards any more. The ball dresses were not my thing, neither were the stilletos.

I am girl, I get that, but I have a preference for calmer attires. Attires that seemed below your standard even when they were skirts or dresses. I tried as much as I could, but I was overweighed.

I also thought that when you noticed that my wardrobe was filled with more pants than skirts, you would appreciate me that way. However, you kept critiquing my dress code even when I tried to dress up in the dresses befitting my taste.”

Your socialite life, never matched mine, regardless of how hard I tried. Our tastes never tallied either. So I guess, with me gone, you will not have to put up with shame any longer.

Your daughter,



10 thoughts on “FOR THE NEED OF FREEDOM

  1. Poor girl. It must have been difficult having a mother trying to live vicariously through her, in a way that made her not able to be herself. I’m sad she and her Mom couldn’t reconcile, but sometimes that’s for the best. She can be herself now and build a good life. Well written!

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  2. I sympathise with the girl. It’s hard for some children (boys as well as girls) to live up to their parents’ exacting standards, or their expectations for them in life. There are many pushy parents around and the children always suffer for it. I’m sure Shirley will do so much better making her own way in life. Nicely told.

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