Dealing with children or parenting can get irksome. But that is meant to change as you allow yourself to appreciate them. It is neeedless to say that as they get into your life, there will be an influx in responsibilities. However, if you can learn to plan ahead, you will handle just right. You will also be able to deal with unprecedented occurances better.

All I can say is that you have to choose to enjoy parenthood, lest it turns out to be a daunting task. Then, any change, no matter how small, will leave you exasperated and grumpy.

It has been a journey of continous learning, and I am getting better at it by the day. From no motherly instincts to becoming a  mother goose. The journey continues, and the learning never ends. The rewards are also increasing as I allow myself to appreciate rather than complain.

I have no second thoughts about these my darlings. I am their mother and love them I will.

Happy Parenting!!

Posted  on Daily Post – Irksome, Second thoughts


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