Parenting is something no one will ever teach you. No matter how many seminars you may attend, no one ever exhausts the subject. Nonetheless, it does not hurt to learn whatever you can and tailor it to suit your needs and family.

That being said, I would love to share with you some ideas about seeing your children more often. Not on the basis of looking for help, but to spend time with you.

  • Give your children something to relish about home. It may not be easy to please all f them, butyou can try. Look for that thing that brings all of them together. Then you can throw a little other things that cater to individual needs.
  • Make it as welcoming as possible. Make the environment one where they can air their views in a respectul yet open manner. Your babies will love a home where they are not judged but given advise. Where they are given room to make decision even when there are some limitations. Of course, the limits reduce as they grow.
  • While  discipline is a must, give them room to grow. Set the rules, but beware about being too strict less you border a dictatorial parent.

You do not want your nest to become empty before it should on the grounds that your children would rather be elsewhere than home. Make home a base for them. Some where their hearts will always long to get back to, a place of solace and comfort.

If you do not know any thing that your children love, then it is time to spend some more time with them. Simply observe withoutbeing intrusive. You will learn a lot.

No matter how difficult this may seem, ask God for help, He is the author of family. He will help you.

Happy Parenting

Posted on Daily Post – Relish, Base


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