Her last semester in Medical school had been particularly demanding. It was a time to tie up loose ends, polish up the grades and prove herself worthy of the scholarship she needed for her Masters in Obstetrics.

It had been three long months of insomniac nights, confinement, and gruelling laboratory hours. While she had greatly cut down on partying, this time round, she had totally done away with it.

Now that she was finally done, she could breathe. Reminiscing about what she had put in, and what she’d sacrificed, she knew that it had been worth it.  At last, the grades were worth showing, and the scholarship board had approved her request. That was worth celebrating.

Stepping out of the house, all she had in her mind was an evening spent with the creme de la creme of friends. Recapping on lost times and having a good time was all that played in her mind. She was ecstatic; it had been a long time coming.

Joining the highway with blood rushing with adrenaline. A lot was playing out in her mind that before she could focus, she was being shoved to the side by a heavy truck whose presence she’d missed. The impact, though not so hard was disastrous because her mind was not on the road.

Losing control, she rammed into another car leading to a fatal accident; one that would see her in intensive care for the next two months.

Looking at Melanie as she slipped in and out of the coma; for what seemed like eternity gave me an eerie feeling. One that made me feel like a giant was squeezing the life out of me. She had been full of life, sacrificed a lot to attain her goals and yet she was here, enjoying none of it.


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