Who has ever got thankful when they discovered that they were ignorant something? My answer would have been, ‘no one’ until today.

Sad as it sounds, I am thankful that I know that my writing is not up to scale. I am thankful to discover that all the spell checkers are useless when my brain is not putting in a lot.

For with that, I have ventured into educating myself a bit more.

As I start this journey of some more learning and re-inventing myself, I pray that God will give me a teachable spirit. The ability to accept correction and criticism as it comes for my good.

Visit Bernadette’s blog, Jaqueline’s blog and Not The Average Mama’s blog for more motivation on being thankful.




2 thoughts on “THANKFUL PARADOX

  1. Sounds like a good plan. You just have to practice everyday, it helps. I wanted to comment on a short story you had written about a medical student who was in a brutal accident. It was tragic and sad. She had everything going for but she still was in the terrible crash. Life ain’t guess is like that — throwing surprises. Does she live? Or has she passed on?

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