Through her eyes,
I see the pain of many years,
though tender in age,
she has seen more horrowing experiences
than most of you have,
she cries out,
with no one to listen.

In her care are others yonger than her,
as though banned from society,
no one wants to take them on,
looking for food here and there,
she is unsure about tomorrow.

Her childhood years
have been wasted,
like smoke,
she watches the wind blow them by,
with no home to call her own,
no shoulder to cry on,
young yet a defender of others,
her stare is blank and hollow.

The is the pain and plight of many African children. You may complain about most International media houses never showing any good about African countries but the truth is that the poverty we face stings and stinks. Our leaders are interested in their own livelihood but never that of the citizens. They are the very ones that sell us to the Western nations while telling us lies that the colonial masters are emptying us. The situation of the African child is so pathetic yet all that is at the hands of a few Africans that do not seem to be satisfied by anything.

Posted on Daily Post – Banned, Smoke


4 thoughts on “THROUGH HER EYES

  1. Very well expressed Joan true indeed the government leaders have let their citizens down big time. What they are good at is blaming ‘colonial master’s for all the misery Africa endures and never want to take responsibility for the pain they have inflicted on the people they lead.
    Yes those who colonized our nations impoverished us but what have the leaders elected at independence done to change the fortunes of their people nothing. But amassing wealth for themselves and their ministers through stealing and corruption.
    Thank you Joan.


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