Photo Prompt is by Yinglan

She loved to travel, so much so that she purchased a trailer. While it did not make sense to her husband, it filled her heart with joy. She would now move from one town to another without worrying about being out of supplies.

Then one morning, they woke up to news of a brewing storm, a few towns from theirs. However, it was gaining strength and moving their way. Frantically putting all they could together, they prepared for evacuation.

“Jordan, Janice, are we ready yet?” she called out to her children.

“All is packed and ready. All except you.”

“Can we leave before the storm gets violent?”

Though he had not loved the idea at first, this trailer had served as a great escape for them on that terrible morning. They were able to leave in time with more than enough to see them through the evacuation.

Thank you Priceless Joy for this platform


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