I have felt you grow in me,
it had its ups and downs,
but on a whole,
a great miracle.

I held you in my arms when
the time came for you to come forth,
despite the tiredness, pain and anaesthesia,
I was thrilled,
you were tiny,
but beautiful,
I was glad to have you and hear that cry,
a sign of God smiling upon me.

It has been a few years down the road,
and I am very thrilled to see you grow,
the transformation has been phenomenal,
you have more than got me mellowed out,
you have taught me to love dirt,
plus disorganisation,
for it was a sign of your growth
and activity.

when you are away from me,
my heart aches,
because you are an integral part of my life,
I pray for you,
I love you,
even when I spank and raise my voice at you at times,
you are precious to me darling.


Posted on Daily Post – Tiny, Transformation

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