Promises, promises, promises. As you leave the house, to silence your wailing child, you tell them you will bring them something. As you head out of town, you promise them something from your trip.

However, most times, you come back empty handed. He or she is eagerly waiting for their package, only to be greeted by empty hands.

That is hope dashed my dear.

You have broken their trust over those unfulfilled promises yet you expect them to desist from telling lies and be truthful. How can that be when you have groomed them on a platform of unfulfilled promises?

You may look at it as a simple shortfall, but to your child, daddy or mummy has told a lie. In their innocent eyes, they start to believe that it is okay to promise some one something and never come through.

That is the generation we are breeding. One that will say anything to get away with whatever it may be. One that will tell lies without any conscience. A generation devoid of trust.

It is not too late to change their way of looking at things.

Do not use these promises as scape goats. Do not make them if you can not stand by them. Desist from making life a scenario of ‘if you do this, I will do this’.

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2 thoughts on “GO SLOW ON THE PROMISES

  1. Lovely piece Joan. You are right with kids especially if you promise something, you need to keep it. It disallusiins them when a parent lies about things they look forward to; I suppose from my own childhood, a Lost of trust. You Bond with a parent who does what they say and less with one who doesn’t.

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  2. Well said, Mandi. I desist from making promises to my children that I will not fulfil because the broken promises from my childhood are still so vivid alongside the pain that came along with it. I would not want my children to go through that


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