No one had told you this before, it is little wonder that you seem to try this and the other hoping that one will give you the results you desire. But, I will tell you candidly, it is time to lose the facade of ‘I know it all’, and ask for help.

Your children are not genie pigs, they are not lab rats. Get your facts right before you start implementing something on them.

I know you hate this kind of talk but I guess it is what you need to get you out of that corner you have buried yourself into.

There are many around you who have been where you are before. Reach out to them. Stop treating parenting like a test you can fail today and re-do tomorrow. Your actions have lasting impacts on your children, so I guess it is time to change the way you do things.

I wish I did not have to use this tone on you, but I guess someone had to for you to wake up.


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6 thoughts on “IT IS TIME TO CHANGE

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