My child,
how I love the way you are blossoming,
how I love that you are growing up to fulfil your destiny,
and while you are at it,
I desire to bring to your attention a few truths.

A life without love, faith and trust,
is not worth living,
it is empty and devoid of meaning,
and yet many choose to hide from these,
they choose to live inconspicuous lives,
in the name of hiding from predators.

I agree with them on some front,
for many have manipulated me based on these,
but what is a life without my Jesus,
the reason for my faith?
what is a relationship without trust?
what is living without love?
it is meaningless.

I have had my share of joys from those
three fronts,
but there has also been a share of tears
and betrayal from them,
How I pray that you embrace them,
regardless of the chaos that sometimes
comes with them.

I pray that the Holy Spirit will guide you always,
that you will live wisely yet wholly,
that it will be all for His glory,
for then,
your life will be conspicuous,
for it will have true value,
I love you, my child.

Posted on Daily Post-Discovery Challenge- Radical Authenticity


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