My darling,
you are such a joy to me,
when I was told of your predicament,
I wondered how I would handle,
but I looked beyond my strength,
into the strength of He that blessed me with you,
I drew my strength from Him,
and determined to keep you.

I would not terminate you,
no, not for anything,
I would keep you,
and we would make each step together,
by His grace.

It’s been a few years down the road,
and boy, am I glad,
you fill my heart with joy,
despite the numerous breakdowns,
you have bounced back with resilience,
you are daring in all you do,
and your smile,
it makes every challenge look like a breakthrough
already achieved.

I am glad to have you,
to be your mother,
when the storms hit,
He poured so much strength in us,
we came through triumphantly.

The enemy has tried so hard to take you,
but His love has kept your little heart pumping,
strengthened your limbs,
and put one angel after another along the way,
I am glad,
for through you,
He has renewed and strengthened my faith in Him.

Posted on Daily Post – Breakthrough, Daring


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