Perplexed and naive, she crossed over to adolescence. No one had prepared her for what lay ahead. So the changes came; some confused her, some left her feeling dejected, while others drew unnecessary and unwanted attention towards her.

“What is all this?” she asked herself. Not even the science lessons at school had prepared her for this reality. She felt fragile and naked to the world. She wondered how she would go through it all with her mother long gone, and no sister to confide in. she looked to her father. She asked him for answers he was sometimes shy to give answers to, but all in all, they conquered the stage together.

Turning to the best person she had by her side, she searched for answers. There were times her father was too shy to give her answers but between losing her child and getting a little bold, he chose the latter. It was a tough season, many mistakes made but all in all, they conquered the stage together.

Despite the failures they faced, the conquests were worth celebrating.

As a parent, do you sometimes feel like you are in a corner regarding how to raise your child? You are not alone, there are many in worse scenarios than you are right now. However, the distinction between your inadequacy and failure is trying. You have got to be  willing to go past your fears, conquer those giants for the sake of your children.

It is also a great idea to ask for help from those that have been where you are because no man is an island.

Happy Parenting

Posted on Daily Post – Perplexed, Fragile


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