Leslie’s life had turned into a spiral of regret. She wondered how she’d gotten here. All she had ever wanted was to be the best daugheter, but alas!

It all started with just a few friends from her class, who introduced her to a bigger group. She loved the fact for once she mattered, that for once, someone bothered to ask her to tag along with them or to do something with them. She was an eager participant, consumed with the love and beauty to belong that she lost all sense of responsibility. Little by little, she picked habits that in her proper mind would have detested. Before she knew it, she was deeply involved and there was no turning back.

The late nights out, drug use turned addiction, the multiple sexual partners; both female and male; it was horrifying. Her grades were nothing to talk about for they had earned her a warning letter.

Sitting in her room, she sobbed but the deep seated desire or foothold that these habits had on her was nerve wrecking. So much so that she did not know what it meant to live minus them any more.

Many of our children have gotten to a point of no return. Not because they come from deplorable backgrounds, but because we were too busy to give them our time. We have got so consumed with our lives that we have forgotten about the lives we brought forth. Their destinies are in our hands and we have the undeniable responsibility to nurture them right.

Are you doing your part? Or are you leaving them to whom it may concern as you run after the next coin? I am not in any way against your efforts to secure a great future for them. However, could you also take the time to secure your children for the future? Otherwise, you will look back and wish you had spent just a few minutes with them, to understand them but it would be too late. Your efforts would be a waste for you will be standing by their tombstone wishing you had done better.

Let that not be you. I pray that you will save yourself that lament.

If your child has not got to Leslie’s point, that is great. Please do not let it get there; a stitch in time saves nine.

Happy Parenting


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