To that teenage girl out there,
you have lost all sense of belonging,
you do not feel loved anymore,
you wish you would do better,
be more stylish or get better grades,
your parents have lost all hope in you,
you feel a failure yourself.

It is not time to give up,
it is not the time to let go,
there is a gem within you,
there is something worth contending for in you,
look deep within you,
there is something you have that others don’t.

That is because you are peculiar,
the Father created you for a purpose,
things may not be rosy,
but that is not the end,
you are beautiful despite the braces in your teeth,
you are brilliant despite that ‘F’ in Maths,
you are amazing despite that introvert personality.

I am not here to build a sand castle for you,
I am here to tell you that you matter,
jump out of that depressing cage,
you ought to value yourself before others find the reason to do so,
love yourself and others will be drawn by the love that oozes out of you,
you can not attract what you do not give,
so go on a rampage and give yourself what you have yearned from others,
you will see the difference.

Posted on Daily Post- Stylish, Jump


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