As a child, the moment we heard that mother was at the gate, panic set in. We looked around to see what we had not yet completed regarding our chores; if the house was neat, if the food was ready, oh, it was so nerve wrecking.

To say that we were scared of her may be an understatement, yet we had no way out, I mean, she was our mother.

She was so strict, extremely difficult to please, always demanding for more, and never giving love; I wonder if she had any.

There was silence so loud whenever she was home. It was so tense.

So we loved father more; he gave us his time, he took time to appreciate our efforts, he praised our reports despite being an academician to core. He was indeed our hope in this tensed up home.

The fruits are very evident in our lives. In as much as we are fighting the stigma that her actions placed upon her lives, we can not deny that she dented our childhood by her strange ways of child grooming.

Make home a pleasant place for your children.Unlike us that preferred being in boarding schools than home, make home so homely that your babies will be delighted to get back home.

Take the time to step into your children’s shoes, it helps to ask you if you would love what you are doing to them or making them do.

Appreciate their efforts. Quit being a perfectionist, so much so that none of your children’s efforts matter.

Discipline is key. However, do it with love and moderation.

Happy Parenting


Posted on Daily Post – Panic, Silence


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