“Brandon, have you finished your homework?”

“How about cleaning up your room?”

“No mum, I have not finished either.”

“What is taking you so long? If you do not get done in time, you will not go for that sleepover.”

*Brandon lets out a growl*

“What is that I heard you do? Are you learning to be disrespectful?”

“No mother, it is nothing. I am just getting things done here”

“You better, and fast”

Such are the chats that go in in most households. They are not limited to mothers, they cut across to older siblings and fathers. You disagree over unfinished chores, stalled projects, probably disrespect and the like.

Ultimatums are given, hearts are broken, promises are revoked and the house turns into a graveyard. So silent yet the air is so tense.

You do not have to tell your child or little one what you will hold back or not do if they do not as they have been told.

The best way to motivate them is through telling them what their obedience will allow them to enjoy.

“Brandon, ensure that your homework is done and room cleaned up in time so you can go for that sleepover.”

That is much more motivating and won’t provoke anger and resentment in them

Posted on Daily Post – Disagree, Unfinished


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