Looking at you, I wonder about one too many things, what is it that makes you tick? What is it that makes your eyes carry a twinkle even when times are bad? Where do you get that energy recharge, for you always seem ready to go?

How do you manage to be such a great mother to them all, even those that are not really yours? How do you stand tall despite the pressure from your spouse? You make me marvel.

So I choose to sit beside you, to carry on with you as I learn. Let me watch and hold on to whatever you send my way. I know that soon, I will learn. Obviously not everything, but something good enough to make me a force to reckon in future.

I want to love my children and every child that comes my way, I desire to be a great wife, one that will learn how to beat my husband, according to Dr.Steve Ogan, and a Proverbs 31 woman.

I know, that the Lord has sent you my way to better me, and I will faithfully sit at your feet to learn. I know that in His timing He will make all things new so that I become who He intended me to become.

Posted on Daily Post – Recharge, Twinkle


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