In her mother’s eyes, Lizzy was no more than a miniature. All she did was never worth appreciating. While Lizzy broke sweat night and day to please her mother, it was all in vain.

Ten years down the road, inferiority has robbed this once bright girl of all that life has to offer. She lives to please others, sees herself through the eyes of others and never believes that she has done much except one gives her a compliment. Worse still, she has turned her body, the temple of God, into a tool to win favours.

Mother, Father, you hold your child’s destiny in your hands. You can choose to make it or break it. But how I pray that you will make it with all you’ve got in you. Speak well into his or her life. Shower them with praises for the good and give them that rebuke when they fall off the road. See the good in them that nobody does, nurture the victor in them, give them a reason to wake up and shine. Teach them to see themselves as God sees them. However, you must also see them through His eyes to avoid contradiction.

Happy Parenting


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