“Brandon, have you finished your homework?”

“How about cleaning up your room?”

“No mum, I have not finished either.”

“What is taking you so long? If you do not get done in time, you will not go for that sleepover.”

*Brandon lets out a growl*

“What is that I heard you do? Are you learning to be disrespectful?”

“No mother, it is nothing. I am just getting things done here”

“You better, and fast”

Such are the chats that go in in most households. They are not limited to mothers, they cut across to older siblings and fathers. You disagree over unfinished chores, stalled projects, probably disrespect and the like.

Ultimatums are given, hearts are broken, promises are revoked and the house turns into a graveyard. So silent yet the air is so tense.

You do not have to tell your child or little one what you will hold back or not do if they do not as they have been told.

The best way to motivate them is through telling them what their obedience will allow them to enjoy.

“Brandon, ensure that your homework is done and room cleaned up in time so you can go for that sleepover.”

That is much more motivating and won’t provoke anger and resentment in them

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African-American single-parent family

Upset teen and mother outside of house


Parenting is amazing. While we want our children to turn out right, we also want them to see the best in us. It is a time where you bare your soul to your babies (not in a bad way). There is no room to pretend or lie about issues lest they pick your lies and run with them.

It would be a dilemma to fight vices that you had a hand in creating.

So easy way out, do away with those little lies, be real with them about life, discipline them as the need arises, and most importantly, be a nurturer of their talents.

Happy Parenting

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Looking at you, I wonder about one too many things, what is it that makes you tick? What is it that makes your eyes carry a twinkle even when times are bad? Where do you get that energy recharge, for you always seem ready to go?

How do you manage to be such a great mother to them all, even those that are not really yours? How do you stand tall despite the pressure from your spouse? You make me marvel.

So I choose to sit beside you, to carry on with you as I learn. Let me watch and hold on to whatever you send my way. I know that soon, I will learn. Obviously not everything, but something good enough to make me a force to reckon in future.

I want to love my children and every child that comes my way, I desire to be a great wife, one that will learn how to beat my husband, according to Dr.Steve Ogan, and a Proverbs 31 woman.

I know, that the Lord has sent you my way to better me, and I will faithfully sit at your feet to learn. I know that in His timing He will make all things new so that I become who He intended me to become.

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Sitting by the stream,
throwing pebbles into the clear water,
amazed and thrilled by the plopping sound,
enjoying His beauty,
enjoying His craftsmanship.

After a long hot and dusty week,
I am thrilled by the news of an eclipse,
so long hot sun,
at least for a day,
enjoying a cool and less bright day.

His works are indeed marvelous,
He knows what we need,
and He gives it to us,
a Father, he really is,
I am glad that you found me,
and that I am yours.

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