photo prompt is provided by Iain Kelly

After a long week at work, the least I could be accorded was a peaceful weekend. Packed with loads of rest and me-time away from the children. However, someone out there had something else in mind; robbing a bank.

Instead of silence and peace, it was sirens from Police cars and surveillance helicopters in search of this now-turned fugitive.

Looking through the hotel window, I was sad that in a few hours I had to head home feeling worse than I was when I reached here.


12 thoughts on “WASTED GET-AWAY

  1. Not to condone the crime in any way, but maybe the robber had similar thoughts. Wanting loads of rest and “me-time” away from the children. Or maybe hoping for loads of rest and having the opportunity for more time with his or her children. To feel such desperation OR to be filled with such selfishness… that must be crippling.

    Great job with this prompt. Your take of it left my thoughts spiraling.

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