Waking up, she perceives that all is not well. The curtains are wide open, and her dog is nowhere to be seen. Throwing the covers off, she scans her environment. But nothing sinister is in sight.

Panic starts welling up within her. “Where is Abby?” “She is supposed to be at the foot of my bed,” Mandy mused with worry.

How she wished that all this was a joke, but it did not seem so. Her mind was starting to conjure up all manner of scary scenarios.

Getting out of bed, she sauntered into the kitchen to find the door wide open and her cousin at the sink washing dishes.

“Is this a dream or what?” she asked loudly.

“How did you get in here?”

“Oh sis, I spent the night here, we shared dinner together, are you well?”

Rubbing her temple, she gave no response.

The past days had been rather odd but Mandy had brushed it off as extreme tiredness. So she’d made it a point to get to bed as early as possible. She’d also spent the whole weekend sleeping at every opportune moment.

She was now sure that this was more than tiredness but a problem with her memory.

She needed to scratch beyond the surface before the situation went out of control.

Posted on Daily Post – Joke Surface


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