Growing up with a step mother was no joke. Do not get me wrong, not all are bad, but it is the norm in the African tradition. It is so bad that no one believes that there is good step mother.

Being the elder of my fathers ‘herd’, a lot responsibilty lay on my shoulders. Oh how she loved that! Tt meant that her children would sit as I served them. Knowing where I stood with her, I complained not.

Ten years later, her children are at my door step with no one but me as their hope for survival. Looking back at the pain their mother put me through, I would have shipped them off to the next orphanage. But the Christ in me desired better. Now under my fold, walking as though the floor is of nails and wondering what I will do next. But within me, I have resolved to love them as my own.

Posted on Moral Mondays- Bless Those Who Curse You



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