You step into the hallway and are greeted by a house in chaos; all is a mess. All would be well on an ordinary day, but today is no ordinary one.

From missed deadlines, to piled up reports, nothing seems to be going your way. Tacking that part of you away, you put on your mother/home manager gloves and start off.

The clock is ticking so fast yet dinner is not yet on the fire and the children are not washed up.

At this point, your head is pounding, your heart seems to be pumping blood at an outrageously fast pace. You need to breathe, but there is no room for that.

As though operating on remote control, you walk through the chores without emotion or attachment whatsoever. Finally, all is done, you wonder how it all got done.

Dropping on your knees, in the absence of your children and spouse, you empty yourself before your Maker. You trade your pains and aches for His peace and joy. For at His feet, your sanity, diginity and efficacy are restored.

Posted on Moral Monday- When your blood is boiling, spend an evening in the cooler


Sorry for the excess words


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