I could sit here and complain about everything and anything. Because, honestly, there is a lot about my life that makes me cringe. However, I have chosen to thank God for:

my children- the new things they learn every day makes me smile. A new word, a new gesture of appreciation, it makes the mother in me SMILE.

a roof over our head- while many are homeless or getting evicted, I stand to say, thank you, Father, for we have a house to come to every day. More so now that the rains are pounding away.

food on the table- many may find it obvious to eat 3-4 meals a day, but I do not. There were days when if the children had something to eat, it was good enough. Now that there is enough for all of us, I am thankful.

rain- a few weeks ago, it was so dusty and I was not amused. So I asked God to send us some showers, and He did. In as much as I have clothes that need to dry up, I am not complaining.

There is a lot to be thankful for, just choose look at the brighter side of things always. It helps. Besides, being ungrateful wears you down while gratitude is energising. Try it, it works.

PS: It is great to have gratitude well up in your heart daily. Visit Bernadette’s blog for some more thankful/gratitude challenge.

Happy Parenting!



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