Debwashere shared something that intrigued me. So, saying to meself, why not, I went on to perform the task. Here we go:

  1. Where Do You Blog? On my laptop, in the sitting room. I am yet to find a better place away from the little ones who seem to see me as a toy or one to wipe away tears (even the false ones)
  2. Where Do You Find Inspiration for Your Blog Posts? From a word prompt, a picture prompt, a picture from the Internet, a movie I watched years back or what is happening around me, more so in my household. I also get inspiration from reading other blogs.
  3. How Long Does It Take You To Write a Blog Post?  That depends on several things such as, is my laptop acting up? Are the children minding their business instead of looking to me as a play partner? How early did I wake up? Did I finish my chores fast enough? Is there any emergency? Oh, a lot is factored in. However, on average, it takes me 30 mintures to an hours to get it all done.
  4. Do You Plan Your Blog Posts? How? Haaaa, I have read about the need and importance to plan posts but I have never done it. I just get a light bulb, and off we go. The day I start planning my writing, ahhhh, that will be the day. I just don’t see it coming so soon. But when it does, I will coin that as maturity in writing.
  5. What Kind of Camera Do You Use? What Editing Program? Honestly, Google has been too kind to me thus far. Without a camera to give me the quality and size of pictures I need, I do not bother. Not even with my phone camera. I just look at the Internet for something that will either tickle me right or convey my already written piece really well. If I were to edit, which I rarely do, it would be Adobe PhotoShop.
  6. Do You Use a Notebook to Track Your Ideas? No, not at all.
  7. How Do You Take Your Pictures? I do that, usually with a biiiigggg smile plastered to my face. That is because I only take them for fun, nothing to re-use on my posts.
  8. What’s Your Favourite Type of Blog Post to Write? Those partaining to family triumphs.
  9. Who Knows About Your Blog? If my following statistics are anything to go, then I guess, quite a number. If my Facebook and Twiter followers are also as faithful as they were when they clicked on the like symbol on the page, them I am blessed with a good following for my writing. .
  10. Are You an Organized or a Messy Blogger? Oh, I try. I don’t know which basket to throw meself into, all I know is that I try. I just wish I did not have to fall back on writing as I usually do.
  11. Biggest Blogging Pet Peeve? I DO NOT LIKE  long posts. They have to be so captivating for me to read them all the way. Likewise, I try to write short posts for I believe that there are many out there like me. However, there are sometimes when I can not help it.

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