“The sun is going down my love”, Russel said, “and yet my love for you still shines bright.” It brought a smile to Emily’s face, who remembering the first date knew that each day had been worth thanking God for.

Russel had been a drunkard and a gambler who was deep in debt. Despite her promise of love, she was not sure if they would make it passed their first anniversary. But one year had turned into two, and before she knew it they were 5.

She wondered how time had flown by, but she knew that it was only God’s grace that had carried her through the drunken stupors and loan shark attacks.

All she ever said to God, on a daily basis was, “Jesus give me the grace to go the extra mile.” And grace He had given her in abundance.

Now, 25 years down the road, her Russel can’t stand the smell of liquor or understand why he had spent all those years hooked to gambling. The lessons learned were hard but deeply etched in his heart and could not imagine having gone through it all without Emily’s love.

Posted on Moral Mondays- There is no fear in love



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