Like the wind, Hailey was. Bringing joy to whoever she met. She was indeed the epitome of a bundle of joy. Undoing the frowned faces, brightening up the downcast. Oh, how I miss my sweet girl!

I thank the Lord for her, because of her unstoppable energies, her contagious laughter still rings in my heart. Though she is long gone because of leukaemia that robbed her from us, yet her footprints were firmly imprinted on our hearts.

Some nights, I cry on her bed, other times, I am amused by a memory. That is how my days go by; none similar to the other. But all in all, I thank God for her.

To every parent whose angel has passed on, I can’t lie to you that I know what it feels. But my thoughts are with you as I write this piece. May He that gave them to you, bring comfort to you. May His peace fill up that void. May you find joy in knowing that you spent some time with them, and may you remember that time with joy other than regrets.

I won’t say that time heals all wounds for I know better. But may the balm of Gilead soothe the pain within and give you a better way to channel that pain to help others. For I know that they are in a better place, without pain or suffering.

Posted on Daily Post – Unstoppable Wind


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